As a cornerstone in your community, the YMCA continues to grow and evolve so that there is always a place to become the best version of ourselves.  The Y is:

  • A resource, where people find opportunities to live healthy, exercise and nurture their spirit, mind and body.
  • A safe space, where children are cared for, inspired and guided.
  • And a welcoming spot, where people help each other out, friendships are developed and everyone has a sense of belonging.

To further enhance the Y’s services to support youth, families and adults who want a healthy lifestyle and place to belong, the Hopkins County Family YMCA is committing to a community-wide effort to revitalize our facilities.  For the past several years we have been developing our strategic plan and feasibility study on how to best invest in our facilities to provide the greatest community impact.

With enthusiastic approval from our Board of Directors we approved a renovation plan to move our facility into its next generation of service.  We have already invested nearly $1 million of our reserves to start the transformation and are now ready to launch our Capital Campaign in early 2018 to complete the project, allowing us to preserve our past and protect our future.  The new look and updated features will modernize the facility and make it a more welcoming place for the people, families and children who make this Y a part of their lives.  With the improvements, the Y can continue to be a resource, a safe space and a gathering place. 

It is vital for this campaign to be a success and we need your support to do so. There are immediate opportunities to be one of the early supporters of this exciting Generations to Come Capital Campaign.  Take a look at our Capital Project casebook to see what is coming for your YMCA.  There have been some minor changes to the plans that are in the case book.  Once the project started, we realized other options are more feasible for the sustainability of programs and functionality for our members, along with cost savings on the total project.  

It takes vision and imagination to meet our community’s needs.  We would love to share with you our vision for your YMCA and how we can make an even greater impact over the next millennium.  Please feel free to set up a time to talk about our plans and your ideas as well as discussing a potential gift to our campaign.

kid zone mural

new lockers

exterior paint

 new showers

lobby demo