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AOA - Active Older Adult. 50 years of age and older. Cardio and toning (FREE TO COMMUNITY). Location: Gym
Arthritis Aquatics - Water exercises designed to improve joint flexibility and relieve pain and stiffness (It is not necessary to know how to swim ~ FREE TO COMMUNITY). Location: Pool.
Body Pump - 60-minute barbell class that shapes, tones, and strengthens your entire body with high repetition movements.
Boot Camp - With the use of various types of equipment and floor work, you are guaranteed a great workout for the entire hour. This class can be modified for all levels and is different each week!. Location: Studio B.
Dance 2 Fit - Dance 2 Fit uses hip hop music to create an aggressive but rewarding full body workout to burn calories and tone- Enjoy at your own pace. Studio A
Group Cycling - Build your endurance, strength, and heart health as you experience bursts of speed and recovery periods on a stationary bike. Great for all levels of fitness! Location: Cycling Studio.
HIIT - HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training! Combines agility and cross training along with weightlifting to keep the calories burning even after class! Modify for your level and experience a variety each class. Location: Gym.
Kardio Kombat - Kick, punch and sweat your way to fitness in this high energy, fun class. Location: Studio B.
Kids Yoga - Fun, interactive class providing students the opportunity to connect to themselves and the group while gaining flexibility, strength, and confidence.   Ages 5-12.  Studio A.  (A parent must participate, observe, or wait outside the room.)
Max Interval Training - Hi Lo Interval training. Fast paced for the early bird!  *Not for Beginners. Location: Gym.
Sports Performance Training - This training will increase an athlete's strength, power, speed, quickness, agility, coordination, mental toughness, aerobic endurance, flexibility and skill development.  For ages 12-18.  Led by Albert Jackson.  Studio B.  
Suspension Fit - TRX Suspension Training makes gravity your resistance using training straps, so adjusting the level of difficulty is as easy as moving your hands or feet, and progression is limitless. Great for strength and balance. Location: Turf in Cardio Room
Tabata - High Intensity/Short Duration cardio & strength class. Each class uses a variety of equipment and exercises. Location: Gym.
Tone and Sculpt Barre - Full body toning for all fitness levels that fuses yoga, pilates, strength training, and ballet targeting specific muscles and improving flexibility. Upstairs
Toning - Focuses on strengthening and toning with light cardio using a variety of weights and exercises. Studio B
Water Walking - Water Walking is all about moving in the water, using the water as your resistance. This class can be as easy or as hard as you make it!
Yoga - Improve flexibility practicing various physical postures, breathing techniques, and sometimes meditation to promote physical and emotional well-being.
Zumba Tone - Aerobic, Latin-inspired dance class with various toning exercises included. Location: Studio A.