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AOA - Adult Older Adult. 50 years of age and older. Cardio and toning (offered exclusively at Y Express ~ FREE TO COMMUNITY).

ARTHRITIS AQUATICS - Water exercises designed to improve joint flexibility and relieve pain and stiffness (It is not necessary to know how to swim ~ FREE TO COMMUNITY).

BODYPUMP - 60-minute barball class that shpaes & tones your entire body (offered exclusively at Y Express)

BOOT CAMP -With the use of various types of equipment and floor work, you are guaranteed a great workout for the entire hour. This class is for all fitness levels, beginner to advanced (offered exclusively at Y Express). 

HIIT  - HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training!   Combines agility and cross training along with weightlifting to keep the calories burning even after class!

GROUP CYCLING - Cardio workout on a stationary bicycle

KARDIO KOMBAT Kick, punch and sweat your way to fitness in this high energy, fun class. 

MAX INTERVAL TRAINING - This 30-minute class promises to push you to your maximum levels of exertion (not for beginners)!

OM FIT - low-impact, muscle-sculpting all-body workout that focuses on agility, resistance training and core work while burning fat and calories.  Lively music and the ever-changing use of dumbbells, balls, resistance tubing, and your own body weight keep it interesting and fun!

STEPLearn the basics of step aerobics witha workout that utilizes a step in varying speeds, directions and positions.

SUSPENSION FIT – Total body workout leveraging your own bodyweight to train balance, strength, mobility, flexibility and core using suspension training equipment.

ZUMBA TONE - Aerobic, Latin-inspired dance class with various toning exercises included.

TABATA - High Intensity/Short Duration cardio & strength class.

WATER WALKING - This is a basic, low-impact, light intensity workout using the natural resistance of the water to strengthen the core, improve balance and coordination.