Kick Start Toddler Activities Club

The Hopkins County Family YMCA is excited to offer a one-to-three-year-old Activities Club!

It's important to give your child lots of opportunities to get physical.  Children learn how their bodies work at a very young age.  They are constantly burning energy off by running, jumping, climbing, and exploring their world.  Let us help your child burn off energy in a safe and effective.

Building strength and coordination at a young age gives children a physical developmental advantage.  Learning to work with others builds social skills.  The earlier a child can learn the correct form for kicking, passing, and exercising, the better chance they will have to develop advanced abilities.  Also teaching the joys of exercise and team sports can help them learn habits that will keep them healthier and happier in the future.

Ages: Boys and girls; ages 1 to 3 years

Times: Tuesdays @ 10am, starting March 3rd

Location: Wellness Studio (upstairs @ Main Y)

Fee: Members - $30/month; Non-Members - $50/month

Download a Kick Start Registration Form HERE.