Why Give Blood?

You have what it takes to save a life.

A car crash victim. A cancer patient. A newborn baby desperately in need of a blood transfusion. These are your friends and neighbors and they need you.

Did you know that Baptist Health relies solely on donations from people like you to supply its blood bank? More than 3,000 donations a year are needed to meet the current demand. Every time you donate blood, you help to save as many as three people’s lives.

The blood donor program was established in 1961 and operates primarily on community and staff donations. Baptist Health Madisonville uses approximately 350-450 pints of blood each month. Only five percent of eligible donors actually give blood in a given year. We rely on your generous donations to save the lives of your friends and neighbors.  

The YMCA is a proud partner of Baptist Health Madisonville's Blood Bank by hosting bi-monthly blood drives at the Y (upcoming 2016 blood drives:March 22, May 17, July 12, September 6 and November 1).

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