24-Hour YMCA Access Begins June 25!

Hopkins County Family YMCA members won't have to adjust their schedules anymore to fit operating hours.

The Cardio and Weight Floors will operate as a 24-Hour Center beginning Monday, June 25.  The rest of the Y facility will remain closed after normal business hours.

Accessibility has been a major goal of the Y's renovation and we wanted to go beyond just a remodel.  We are now more accessible to not only seniors, but also to those with unusual sleep or work hours.

The Y's Wellness area will be accessible through the lobby during business hours, but after hours will be accessible via the entrance door to the Cardio Floor (formerly the temporary entrance).  Members will access the door with a custom key fob that is member-specific (cannot be shared with others).  Security cameras are placed outside the access door and in the fitness areas for safety reasons, as well as to ensure members are abiding by the Y's 24-Hour policies.

Only Hopkins County Family YMCA members ages 18 and older may purchase 24-Hour access.  There is a $2 monthly fee per unit to have 24-Hour access.  The first key fob is free.  Any other member who would like to use 24-Hour access may purchase a key fob for a one-time fee of $10.  Replacement key fobs may be purchased for $10 (previous key fob will be deactived).

Please read our 24-Hour Access Membership Policies.

See 24-Hour Fitness Brochure for more details.

Download 24-Hour Access Form.  Complete and return to the Y to set up 24-Hour access beginning June 25.

Download 24-Hour Waiver.  Initial, sign and date and return to the Y to set up 24-Hour access beginning June 25.

Both the Access Form and Waiver must be completed in full and returned to purchase your key fob.  

Please make sure you have read and understand our Zero Tolerance Policy for 24-Hour Access.