Prayer for Positive Change

I heard someone the other day say, “home is becoming more difficult to define.”  We are becoming a more transient society where we do not even get the opportunity to know our neighbors. Sociologists are describing the world as a colder and darker society.  Maybe this is why the holidays have become the most difficult time of year for many individuals.  The anticipation of the holidays then lead to the cold and days of winter; challenging those to preserve through the days ahead. How do you encourage the lonely?  Those who have let anxiety, fear and depression set in and who see no light at the end of the tunnel? 

When I have had those experiences, I’ve had my Christian friends give good, Godly advice.  They have referred to the Bible as an anchor in tough times, and, in particular Acts 3:19, “Turn to God for refreshing. God in time will restore everything.”  Is anything too wonderful for God?  With God all things are possible.

One must look beyond the circumstances and focus on what God says and promises: Peace, Joy and Righteousness.  This is where your Church body and your YMCA family come in.  For those who need support and encouragement, the Y staff and members are here to support, come along side and lift up.  This is our mission, our calling; and why we are not just a health club that’s focus is fitness, but we are interested in your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

If you are a bit down or a lot down, do not separate yourself from help.  Know you have friends at the Y and at Church.  Know exercise helps and know the Y staff are here to assist in any way we can. Our prayer for this year is to help bring permanent positive change to those in need. 

Ed Wallce, CEO, Hopkins County Family YMCA


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