Together Everyone Achieves More

Social Responsibility.

What is it?  How do you achieve it individually and as an organization?  What is our part in our circle of influence?

Social Responsibility as an organization is to partner with other like organizations to meet our community and individual needs.  By working together we are being responsible in maximizing resources to reach and provide more services.  The whole goal is simple: to reach as many as possible of those with needs we are able to help address.  As an individual who could be labeled a life-time sports junkie and coach, I am reminded of the acronym TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.  How true that is - together as organizations with like causes can reach more individuals.  Our focus is to reach out, come along side and assist in providing services or facilities, staff, funds; whatever role we can take to help achieve the goal.

What does Social Responsibility look like in real life?

The Meal Program where we partner with many other organizations to reach children during the summer so they have a balanced, nutritious meal.

Our Arthritis Aquatics Class is a free community service to those who are living with arthritis or joint issues.

Our Active Older Adults class is a free community service for our seniors to socialize and exercise to maintain some level of fitness.

Blood Drives help the Blood Bank maintain supplies.

The Patrick Rudd Project is an outreach program that helps raise funds for local first responders and draw awareness to the needs of returning military men and women.

The Hopkins County School System who provides equipment, support and programs to help address Childhood Obesity.

Being an incubator for other nonprofits to get off the ground with programs such as karate, gymnastics, swim team, soccer, basketball, football, t-ball, dance, etc.  All have started at the YMCA and eventually filled a place of need in our community.

Most recently, the Y provided Hopkins County Happy Feet with the opportunity to raise funds to provide shoes for children in our community.

Water Step collects used or new shoes to be turned in for money to purchase equipment to filter water or dig wells in Africa where villages have no access to fresh drinking water.

We work with agencies like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Door of Hope, PTAs and sports leagues by donating memberships so they can raise funds or provide our facilities for reward days.

This is what makes us unique and more than a gym.  We have a social responsibility within our community to help make it a better place.  We also believe our success is contingent upon us fulfilling our role.  Biblically it states what you make happen for others, God makes happen for you.  That is not the sole reason but it means do not expect success if you are not helping others be successful.

Thank you for all you do as members and donors to help us be that agency to others.  We are proud of our YMCA and the leadership or our Board of Directors and Staff,

May God Bless

Ed Wallace