HIIT Class Coming to the Y in 2017!

Reap the Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training at the Y!

This year, one of the most popular fitness trends in helping you reach your fitness goals is High Intensity Interval Training (more popularly known as HIIT).  High Intensity Interval Training involves "short bursts" of activity followed by a short period of rest and recovery.

HIIT workouts combine intense cardio with strength training, plyometrics and stretching exercises.  These workouts burn more fat than typical moderate-level exercise programs but they can also improve your aerobic capacity in just a few weeks of training.  The key to HIIT is pushing yourself to the wall of your peak performance at every interval.  Each exercise has modifications for optimal performance.

HIIT class will start on January 2nd at the Main YMCA.  Classes will be held on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 4:30 in the Small Gymnasium.  Drop in and scorch some fat!