Meet Missy Canler!

Missy has been a YMCA Group Fitness Instructor for 3 years.  She currently teachers BodyPump and Boot Camp and will be adding a Beginners Fitness Class in January.  Her story is one we hear frequently at the YMCA and we’re glad she is kind enough to share her motivation with us!

“Five years ago I was a busy mom of two rushing from practice to practice.  We lived on a fast food diet and I always put myself last.  I developed blood pressure and blood sugar problems and needed medication to stabilize both.  Buying clothes became something I hated and I didn’t want to go anywhere unless it was for my kids.  I felt miserable.  A friend and I decided, ‘This is it,’ and we both made the decision to lose weight and get healthy.  We chose to attend YMCA Group Exercise classes together.  We held each other accountable and motivated one other on those days we didn’t want to work out.  I was intimidated by the more fit people in class but they also made me see where I wanted my fitness level to be.  I started in the back of class wanting to hide and I would even refuse to go if I couldn’t get on the back row.  I would ask the fit class participants how they do it and the answer was always very similar – ‘consistency!’  Gradually I changed my diet to healthy and clean foods with occasional splurges.  This was not a quick fix diet but a lifestyle change including healthy eating and regular exercise.  The YMCA has been a huge part of my healthy lifestyle and it influences my children’s lifestyle decisions today.”