5 Reasons to Have a Workout Partner

Many of our members are busy parents or young adults who have so much to do that any free time is limited, and exercise may be the last priority. The busy mornings and nights are spent thinking about working out because the lack of physical activity has begun to take a toll on the body. Excuses are created to back up why the gym hasn’t been a priority; everything from being tired from a long work day, to the desire for some alone time and relaxation.

A workout partner is one solution to excuses and problems regarding having the motivation and time to work out. At the Hopkins County Family YMCA we encourage our members to take advantage of the benefits of having a workout buddy, and each of our members that took our advice have seen noticeable improvements within their physical fitness.

Have you thought about having a workout partner but never followed through?  Here are the reasons why having one is life changing:

1. Accountability

Arguably the most worthwhile reason to have a workout partner is accountability. Workout partners hold each other responsible for going to the gym because both of them will “suffer” if one slacks off.

2. It’s fun!

Workout partners provide a sense of reliability and help transform the gym into something more desirable - an active social gathering. Busy mothers would greatly benefit from having a partner.  Having someone else who is going through similar life changes can help provide motivation and support, and it also gives them a chance to socialize away from the family.

3. Childcare options


The Hopkins County Family YMCA offers free child watch services for our members while they workout.  It’s a great opportunity to allow your children to make new friends!


4. Validation

Many people who are trying to lose weight get discouraged because of the rough weeks where weight doesn’t come off.  Workout partners can see each other’s progress from the outside and provide motivation, positive feedback and constructive criticism.

5.  Sharing goals and progress

A workout buddy offers companionship, but also creates a competition that can be extremely helpful when someone needs to push through that extra mile or squat. They also give each other someone to celebrate milestones with. Both members can go out to dinner and feel comfortable getting healthy meals without giving in to temptation.

Need a workout partner? Join the Hopkins County Family YMCA to connect with hundreds of members looking for someone to share a healthy living journey!