Strong Swimmers, Confident Kids

The swim lessons offered at the Hopkins County Family YMCA are not just designed to help students learn how to swim and improve their physical health.  Our lessons are all based on a student-centered learning strategy, focusing on developing the entire person. 

With a 150-year history of helping people learn to swim, the Y’s swim classes are designed to teach this lifelong skill to people of all ages and skill levels in a safe environment.

Parent/Child Lessons (ages 6 months to 2 years): For our littlest swimmers, these lessons are designed to introduce babies and parents to the aquatic environment.  This class will help parents learn realistic developmental expectations, introduce basic aquatic safety to parent and child, and provide a fun and positive first experience in the water.  The parent/child class will help babies with basic motor skills, as well as introduce them to a water environment without fear.  Skills include blowing bubbles, floating on front and back, kicking on front and back, social interaction, and basic aquatic safety knowledge for parents.  This is a fun class that will help prepare your child for future swim lessons!

Preschool Lessons (ages 3 to 5 years):

Pike – This class is designed for the preschool beginner who has had no real experience in the water.  Children participate without parents and work on floating on front and back, kicking on front and back, blowing bubbles, putting their face in the water, basic paddle stroke, pool safety, boating safety and water adjustment.  Patient instructors work to create a positive experience for these little swimmers.  There are no pre-requisites other than age.

Eel – For the advanced beginner who can already swim 3 to 5 feet on their own and can put their entire face in the water without fear.  Participants will work on developing front, back and side paddle as well as building confidence.

Ray – Ray is for the intermediate preschoolers who can already swim 15 feet unassisted using a paddle stroke on their front, side and back.  Participants work on rotary breathing, backstroke development with proper technique, and elementary backstroke.  There is also continued work on treading water, deep water swimming, basic diving, floating, endurance, and pool safety. 

Youth Swim Lessons (ages 6 to 12 years):

Polliwog – Designed for the school-age beginner who has little or no experience.  Emphasis is placed on water adjustment, kicking on front and back, basic paddle stroke, floating on front and back, basic backstroke, and pool safety.  There are no pre-requisites for enrollment other an age requirement.

Guppy – This level is for school-age advanced beginner that can swim 15 feet on their own but need to work on their freestyle technique.  Rotary breathing will be introduced, as well as more advanced technique for backstroke and elementary backstroke.  Participants will work on floating on front and back, treading water, deep water swimming, pool safety and introduction to diving.

Minnow – This class is for children who can swim a ½ length of a 25-yard lap pool on front or back.  Children will continue to progress with backstroke, sidestroke, back crawl and diving. 

Fish – This class is for children who can swim one length of a 25-yard pool using front crawl with good and consistent rotary breathing.  Participants will continue to refine breaststroke, learn butterfly, open turns and continue other strokes.

Flying Fish – Flying Fish is for children who can already swim 100 yards of freestyle and 50 yards of backstroke and breaststroke.  Flying Fish is designed as a preparatory class for swim team.  Students will focus on technique and endurance for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.  There will be continued work on elementary backstroke, pool safety, treading water, deep water swimming, and diving.

You may download a Spring Swim Lesson Registration Form HERE.