Now’s the time to give your child the jump start he or she needs to prepare for kindergarten.

* COVID-19 UPDATE: With the start of the school year looking very different than in years past, we are making plans to adapt our programs to meet the needs of our participants and families.  At this time, we are planning to offer Preschool as normal at the YMCA Kid Center!

At the YMCA Kid Center, we believe that every child has the potential to be successful, and we’ve set into place an educational enrichment that is friendly, positive and caring to help each student discover his or her own unique gifts.

At the heart and soul of this program are our teachers.  Teachers in the YMCA’s Preschool Programs foster great achievement by presenting curriculum in a way that makes learning fun, meaningful and interesting.  Daily lessons are created to boost development through creative, age-appropriate activities, hands-on experience, a balance of indoor and outdoor play, with snacks and downtime included.

Our preschool programs focus on preparing children for kindergarten.  Our curriculum is based on school readiness skills and early learning.  Key components include literacy, mathematics, science, social and emotional development, problem solving, health and diversity.  YMCA Preschool helps children grow in all developmental areas to gain the skills they need as they go through life!

Eight Benefits of a High-Quality Preschool for Your Child:

  1. Your child will be ready for kindergarten.
    Some children have never had a teacher or been in a group of children.  Your child will learn to share, take turns and follow directions.  These social skills are important when he reaches kindergarten!
  2. Your child will develop important social and emotional skills.
    Teachers help children learn how to spend time away from their families and become more independent.  Your child will learn how to solve problems, she will learn how to handle emotions like sadness and anger.
  3. Your child will take part in activities planned just for him.
    Teachers plan many lessons and activities.  Your child will be able to choose those she is most drawn to as well as participate in lessons designed for learning specific skills.  These activities will help her grow and progress in many ways.
  4. Your child will be curious and want to learn.
    Teachers will watch your child and ask him questions about what he is doing or what he thinks will happen next.  These friendly questions will help him be curious about the world around him.
  5. Your child will learn how to take care of herself and help others.
    Your child will learn how to clean up after herself and help in the classroom.  She will learn to ask for help when she needs it and take care of her belongings.  She will learn how to help a friend who is just learning something she already knows.
  6. Your child will learn pre-math and reading skills.
    Every day, your child will take part in activities to class lessons, he will play with games and puzzles and read a variety of books.  These things help him have fun and develop a love for learning.
  7. Your child will develop motor skills.
    Young children are always moving.  Your child will have a chance to run, climb and play active games to improve her physical abilities.  Her fine motor skills will improves by using scissors, painting and writing.
  8. Your child will increase his language and thinking skills.
    A child’s vocabulary – the words he can use – grows fast between age 3 and 5.  Teachers will show your child new words each day.  They will help him talk and solve problems.  They will involve your child in hands-on activities that build his thinking and reasoning skills.

Ignite your imagination, get active, and come to YMCA Preschool where we care for you!  Download the enrollment packet and return to the YMCA Kid Center as soon as possible - spaces are extremely limited!

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